The Fire Nation

Fire Nation

Population: 213,936
Governmental System: Imperial Rule
Ruling figure Title: Fire Lord
Succession: Hereditary 1st born male

1 Capital, 6 Cities, many towns and villages
Capital City: Ozai

Fire Nation Military
Fire Lord – Commands the The Enteral Imperial Flame

None – Fire Nation is Land Locked

Fire Sages
Divine Right to Rule

In the last four centuries the Fire Nation has taken on an absolutist character. This was exemplified by Fire Lord Zuko’s statement that “true power, the divine right to rule, [was] something you [were] born with”. This emphasis on martial prowess made it customary for royalty and the aristocracy to demonstrate their strength and capability by engaging in duels. These fights were often held for military or political purposes, such as determining who was most suited to be a government official or regaining lost honor. Often, the victor would claim fame and the loser disgrace. Throughout the last four centuries, the Fire Nation has not been above employing genocide to accomplish its goals of total domination, ruthlessly wiping out the native Japier Halflings and waring endlessly with the Trolls just north of them, The Dwarven Stronghold has been forced to build two keeps along its western border, and maintain patrols with Eiradun to assure the Fire Nation does not cause to much trouble.

In 245ONT Fire Lord Zuko sent 35,000 troops to the border of Eiradun at a place known as Duffy’s Ford. Eiradun could only field 3000 troops in the time they had with another 5000 from their allies the Dwarven Stronghold. Quim Alana warned them of their foolishness, noting that no amount of troops would be able to overtake the might of Eiradun and offered them surrender, stating there would be no quarter if they met on the field. The commander of that day said that Fire Lord Zuko wished Eiradun as his own, and marched his troops forward. Eiradun lost 2,000 soldiers that day. The dwarves lost another 3000 troops. 1 Fire Nation Solider survived and was send back without hands to tell his Lord of his fallen army. Since that day the Fire Nation has aggressively expanded within Japork Wood, but has not pressed its boarders beyond.

Economic Statistics
Rice, Stone, medicine, Fruit, Food, Veg, Meat, Rubies, Metal Works,
Tax: 68% tax foreign 20% tax local

Some Notable Business and Sights

Some Notable Laws

The Fire Nation

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