3rd Letter to Home


We almost died.

Perhaps I should be more clear; apparently arrows are bad for our health – that is an “idiom” as the frog friend describes it, though it seems to be to be words of truth. They were a dishonourable lot from the Fire Nation, if you can believe it; this group laid an ambush out for one of the pet humans on board my captain’s ship and killed a crew mate of mine. In retribution I killed everyone I fought; you would be proud of me, Papa, many of them were human, though I had to use the avatar to kill them.

Incidentally, that pet human is that boy your friend was asking you to protect – are there any messages you wish for me to relay? He does show some promise, I suppose…

I have started to look for the history of our people – the library here is exquisite. I accidentally revealed to my bosun moons ago of my ability and love of reading but thankfully none of my other companions remembered it and believed me when I said I had no love of reading. I am not ready to admit to them that I enjoy a weakling’s pursuit, not when they believe me to be strong and fierce. As for the history I have found nothing of importance. There were only three books on our people, yet thousands on sharks; sometimes I do not think I will understand these people. Regardless, I will remain here in this human dominated city, and learn more about their culture; there must be qualities in this race that are redeeming, there must be allies we can trust. I did find two humans involved in the War – I ask your permission to carry out their death sentences, though I will need something official as these humans in Don-Ton ask for documents all the time.

[There appears to be scratched out words here, as if Miriel had a hard time writing the following paragraph]

Papa, I have a suitor; he is human, true, but he is as respectful of his ancestors as we are, his stamina is beyond approach, and every time I see him fight I would say he could rival any Strix in agility. I must be beginning to understand human customs for often he swears that I must have a large piece of human in me (and yet is overcome by laughter when I remind him I am do not have human in me, but half elf). He has not been serious in seeking my hand, but he assures me that the next request to be my virum he will be most impressive. I know he will not be accepted by our people as my actual virum but it is my hope that you and Ronan will bless him as my consort. I would be happy for it to be so.

By my love and wings,




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