A Day on the SHip PT more

6th of Readying, 383ONT, Champions Boot, Mess Hall, 5:36pm

The music thrummed as Robinson played his accordion and Maddax drummed on the table. The mood was boisterous. Hatrutt had begun the festivities by announcing bottomless pasta for dinner. That made any sailor happy, but to top it off he announced a doubling on the rum ration as per the Captains orders. Well fed and a little buzzed it hadn’t taken long for the music to come out. Prancer had hopped up on the table and began to dance kicking his legs to the beat as he jumped up and down. Rikka had joined in with spins and summersaults and from there a one ups battle had begun that resulted in Baker juggling two forks and a knife while Miriel summoned creatures to join the music or dance. As Hatrutt worked his way through the room carrying a large pot of pasta and dropping large helpings of thirds and fourths in to various bowls he called the rambling group to order.

“Listen Up! Listen Up! The Captain has asked me to let you know that this feast is a thank you for your hard work over the past few months, and a token of his appreciation. He has also assured that the officers know that tomorrow morning will consist of mandatory duties only, so you can feel free to rest easy and regain your strength…” he was interrupted to a loud ramble of cheers. Hatrutt waved them down. “also… in honour of Prancers Birthday… I have made cookies for you, one each, so pass them around fellas’” Hatrutt placed the plate on the table and was wise enough to jump out of the way as the sailors scrambled over each other for the fresh baked cookies. Seeing things were going well Hatrutt headed back to the kitchen as he heard Robinson start singing and others chime in

Please listen here for Robinsons song

Things were starting to get back to normal on the ship.



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