Aderaid Aftermath

3rd of Planting, 383 ONT, Edge of Fruyhn Forest, 3:23pm

Please Listen While Reading

General Jubal Forester rode forth on his grey mare. Assembled on the cusp for the forest were some twenty mounted Wing-Ti Mercenaries from the Order of the Black Arrow. Among them as their Kyaputen, Konno Yoshiki. Why he insisted on fighting on the front line, the General would never understand, but all the same it was convenient that he was here now.

“Kyaputen…” he said with a friendly incline of his head as he brought his mare to a halt “well I do, I say I do believe that this is indeed a dandy day for a victory, Congratulations Konno-San; for a while there I thought we would have to spend another dreadful night at this; I am pleased that I was incorrect in such matters”

“Many Thanks General Forester” Konno replied in a stiff Wing-Ti Accent “This is where the people entered the forest, I have a few scouts pursuing, but many among them are loggers and I fear traps should we pursue on horseback”

“I see, I say, I do see the trouble… now I suppose we could call them elves down here, and they’d be all quick and pretty about huntin down these fine fleeing folk; but to be honest, and I like to think I am an honest man, I am disinclined, I say disinclined to wait around that long, those elves are likely a few days away, and that Forbes fellow, well he tried my patience when he threw his garbage on me and the men back there”

“You wish my men to pursue then General?” Konno asked, his tone one of annoyance. If that bothered the General he did not let it show

“You know Kyaputen…” Forester said as he pulled out a handkerchief and began to polish a smear that had appeared on his saddle horn “My Daddy used to have a lovely cabin in the Loneshire Mountains… wonderful place, spent a fair shares of my youth catching trout in the streams just out his front door… but seems like it wasn’t just us who liked the cabin, oh we had a terrible problem, I say terrible preoblem with rats. Now Daddy loved that cabin, so he set traps, he bought cats, and he worked hard to drive them pesky creatures out in hopes to enjoy the place again… for the last years of his life Ol’ Daddy fought valiantly against the rats, but he could never catch them all, and so they always, I say always came back. Now, I say, after my Daddy passed away the Cabin was passed on to me, and I had inherited this war with the rats you see… and you know what I did to take care of them?” he looked hard at the Wing-Ti Soldiers and on the jovial conversational lightness dropped from his tone and his voice turned to a harsh whisper “I burnt it to the ground, and when the rats came racing out I killed them to. Get the oil and powder… Burn them out!" he let that hang in the air for a moment "send riders to circle to the far side of the wood… no one makes it to Dragnye, not alive anyway” he finished with a chilling chuckle. Konno nodded offering a bow before issuing orders to his men. “Once your men are underway Kyaputen, come find me in Aderaid, let’s see if these folks left us anything civilized to drink while we discuss the next movements of our campaign.”

With that the General turned his mare around and began a slow trot back to the still open gates of Aderaid.



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