Battle of the Burn Pt 2

28th of Patchwall, 381 ONT, Amberdale, Kenzrenad, 7:39am, The Battle of the Burn

Loann Rogard watched from the trench as Hiro walked across the great field to taunt the wretched Count Aderal. He worked hard to steady his breathing. He’d been in many a tight scrap before. Growing up in Pirates Swoop who hadn’t? but this was different, he wasn’t on a ship, and this wasn’t a barroom brawl or a heist, it was a flat out open combat in a field, the kind of things that Knights and Pikemen did, not scoundrels and sailors. He heard a shout from yonder

“KILL HIM, KILL THEM ALL” followed by the clicks of crossbows and the thundering of hooves.

“Steady” he urged to the miners beside them, the huddled in the trench holding their spears, they were nervous, and had every right to be. Loann had opted to keep his scimitar as opposed to switch to the spear. It seemed more comfortable, and his time on the Boot had given his voice an easy loud timber that let him be heard over the coming thunder of death. “Ready Spears” he called and watched as the miners set their spears properly, he looked down the trench and could see Digger doing much the same, Thalion and Flit were on the end prepping themselves. He grimaced in satisfaction, they were good sailors those two, and calm before the fight, if he lived he’d be sure that Thitmed heard about it. Hiro slid down the trench and scambled up the other side continuing his run, already they could hear the screaming of horses as some of the traps had been sprung.

“FIRE” someone yelled from behind. A flurry of crossbow bolts raced from behind and shot over the trench slamming into the coming onslaught. Loann loosened and tightened the grip on his scimitar.

“NOW!” Digger yelled

“NOW” He echoed immediately, the spears came up and they descended into hell.

The first moments of battle were lost to Loann, he had no idea what happened after the first horses hit the spears. But now he was in the trench scimitar spinning fending off three brigands. His consciousness caught up to his body as he heard himself screaming at the few nearby spearmen

“FALLBACK! FALlBACK TO THE DROKKING TOWN” he turned narrowly avoiding a sword and skewered a brigand, he kept the momentum in the spin reaching out and grabbing one of the gnomish minners, he shook the fellow and screamed in his face “FALL THE DROKK BACK!” the miner nodded and pulled away.


“AHHHHHHGGGHHHH!!!!” Loann let out a primal scream as a sword had slashed down removing his outstretched hand. He turned shooting out an elbow into his attacker’s face then reversing grip on his sword and killing the man. The other two in the ditch approached, one moving to get the poor miner who was scrambling up the back end of the ditch. Loann jumped in the way kicking the attacker and swinging his sword wildly to buy space. It worked and both squared off with him. It was getting hard to stand as he watched blood freely poor from the stump of his left arm. He heard more thundering and saw a horse coming over the ditch to ride him down. Instinct took over and he spun slashing the horse and stepping in close to one of his attackers, the mounted prick either didn’t see his ally or didn’t care as he lanced out with his spear even as he was dying, the spear went through the bandit and deeply into Loanns leg. Then the horse gave out collapsing into the ditch rider and all, on top of Loann, the bandits and anyone else who had fallen.

The trench had become a mass grave.

To Be Continued



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