Darweaton Fields, Aftermath

5th of Planting, 383 ONT, fields of Darwheaton, 1.3km from Darwheaton Castle, Cainia, 9:17am

Arturo Emanuel Forbes sat on his knees, chain around his neck, arms and legs manacled behind him as he stared ahead at his captures; Sir Charles Bray and Nikerym Sylora Valindra. His attempt to retake Darwheaton Castle had failed, he had met a host three times the size of his defending the capital. How they had had gotten there, he still had no idea. Now he wished he had listened to his beloved Atherfade and stayed to defend Birchfeld. He felt blood trickle down the back of his neck from a head wound and lamented that he would never again sip chilled wine on the veranda of his modest villa. Atherfade cracking jokes that he had heard in the market whilst he tried not to spit wine out his nose. The memory made him grin for the happy times and tear up for its loss. Alas so long as he felt his mother was in danger he could not sit idle and wait, he had had to come to her aid, and Atherfade knew it, he knew well that his lover would see well to the defenses of Birchfeld, it would not fall easy to this lot. His two captors whispered as an older man in a gray military uniform approached surveying the dying men and horses across the surrounding fields as he walked. As he approached the grey suited man smoked a short pipe and puffed merrily at it as Sir Bray stepped forward

“If you wish, Princeling, you can beg for the mercy of the esteemed General Jubal Forrester, Commander of Omaru” Bray said with a flourish that caused the General to tilt his hat in acknowledgement. Arturo looked hard at the General spitting blood from his mouth before speaking.

“General Jubal Forrester?… Commander of Omaru?…huh… I thought you’d be taller” The Generals brows furrowed as a few of the nearby solider sniggered. A sharp look from Sir Bray quieted them quickly.

“Listen, I say Listen here boy. You are not in any particular place to be making jest of respectable men, you hear me boy?” The General said taking his handkerchief and wiping his sweaty brow. “Your very life is on the line boy, I say, I say it is on the line, I may be able to use you as a hostage, considering your station and all, that is not too bad a position to be in. But I will not be having my honour of good name tarnished, and I can, I say I can do without you if that is the type of guest you are intending to be… have we created an understanding boy?” Arturo Forbes straightened his back as best he could from his kneeling position before speaking in as loud a voice he could muster without yelling

“General Forester, I am prepared to discuss terms of surrender” he said solemnly

“Well, not that there is much to discuss, but I say, that is a better topic of conversation…” The General got no farther before he was interrupted by Arturo

“If you tell your men to lay their weapons down and assemble peacefully, I promise to take you all to my brother, Lord Gregory Forbes… and I will try my best to save most of your lives…” he nodded his head including all the mercenaries in the nearby fields “… That said, Greg is a might prickly so no promises there” The Generals brows furrowed deeper as he lifted his arm, as one six mercenaries drew swords and took a step closer. Arturo let out one his most charming grins as he stared down the General “I want to warn you all, I’m a screamer… I’ll haunt you to the very end of your days”

The General’s arm came down and the mercenaries rushed forward.


And so passed Arturo Emanuel Forbes, Baron of Birchfeld, Prince of Cainia



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