Dreams, The Yummy Ones, Part 1

7th of Ready’reat 481 ONT, Galley of the Champions Boot, 10:08pm

Dearest Chef Nooduleh

It is our decision (after much debate) to allow you the opportunity to apprentice at the Connaught in Don-Ton. This is a four month intensive course where you will study and learn not only form the Great Master Chef Armsy, you will also have the opportunity to have your dishes judged and critiqued by some of Don-Ton’s and Argyle’s greatest food experts such as Master Chef Graham Elliot from the Dwarven Empire, Chef Christina Tosi from the Elven Court and international restaurateur Joe Bastianich, who owns award winning restaurants in High Port, Rehume, Eriadun and of Course the heart of the worlds culinary expertise… Don-Ton. As stated before tuition for this course is 3,263 Don-Tonian Golden Coins, due upon your arrival in Don-Ton. Please present yourself to master Chef Armsy with your owed tuition and a suitable Sue-Chef by the 16th of Sunsebb 381 ONT, 9am. Failure to do so will result in your spot being given to another more worthy candidate.

With grace and dignity,

John Paul, Personal assistant to Master Chef Armsy

Hatrutt folded and unfolded the letter once more running his hands through his hair. He had not expected to be accepted, he had not expected this at all, but what an honour… imagine him, a humble galley cook, cooking up a storm in Connaught, in the heart of Don-Ton… imagine all the things he could learn from Chef Armsy and the others, it would be a dream come true… the Captain mentioned they would likely have to winter in Don-Ton, we wouldn’t even have to give up his post. He recounted his coins. What with the take from the Silver, and his entire life savings… and assuming that Ungle paid him back the 30gp he was owed… he would almost exactly enough to afford the tuition. He was grinning like a gnome a third his age… he was really thinking about it… going back to school! He reread the letter again and his smile fell, he would need a Sue-Chef… where would he find one? And someone who knew his recipes? What was he going to do? He dropped his head on the counter and sighed a bitter sweet sigh knowing his dream was coming to an end before it truly began when he heard a voice behind him

“Morning Hatrutt… I woke a little early, and I know the Master Gunner isn’t supposed to be in the kitchen, but I figured you could use a hand” Hiro said.

Could he? Dare he ask him? He just didn’t know

To Be Continued By TCHAKTULI



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