Embracing the Flame

At the alter of Prometheus in Lockland

At one time I truly believed I was made for peace.. Serenely floating down life’s river, happily greeting peoples in all the ports of the mighty Promethian…

I thought that I could my joy among the clouds of sails that dotted the ports. That once i was among the proud sailors who hoist the clouds and race the winds that I would know true happiness..

I even found myself more and more drawn to the wisdom of the great titan and sought to find within my soul what I could not find in the water nor on the winds.. but surrounded by magnificent friends and allies, I felt I could not do enough for them, that without truly feeling whole I could never be enough for them…

When I was faced with the otherworldly gates of water and fire, I fled to the waters I have believed i knew, without ever truly pondering on the real reason the other gate was open to me. I had listened, but did not learn as i began wading down a path I thought was the one meant for me.

I had taken into myself only half the titan’s lesson, As so many others had in the past, I had chosen the easy path in following his footsteps, the flowing meandering trail through life kept within the banks, but no more. Though flow i may as the world lets me, i need be ready to ignite the very banks of the river and leap ahead past the slow and pondering course of life to strike out at the dangers ahead.

I know what i must become…

{Flitt pulls out the muffled bell taken from the necromancer in the river of life, and places it over the altar}

Now i see the path i must take, to face the challenges ahead, to defend my allies, to protect and bring glory to my lord and his followers.

{Pulling out a bottle of whisky, blesses it and begins to pour it over the bell and its wool covering}

I will wash the lands of the taint of Talib wherever i shall find it.

{with a force of will the Bells wrapping ignite, the heat of the blessed whisky burning rapidly heating the bell to a glow}

I will embrace the flame within me and bring its light to bear on those who would harm friend and ally.

{The wool padding on the glowing bell burns away as a glowing spectral scimitar coalesces in Flitts hand with a pommel like water and a blade like flame}

I shall become the flame dancing on the water.

{The now burning bell floats off the altar as if rising with a wave, three quick strokes, as fast as a flickering candle and the pieces drop onto the alter, smoldering}

Oh mighty Prometheus, Great Titan, Mighty Lord, accept my sacrifice, sanctify my flame, let me wash away those who harsh this world. Allow me to know the wisdom of both the Water and the Flame.



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