Flurry of Time Pt 2

19th of Fireseek, southern shoal off the coast of Don-Ton

Flit and Olaf sat on their boards waiting for a wave. It was a calm day but the few waves that hit were well worth the wait.

“So do you think my dream means anything?” Flit asked the priest of Prometheus, Olaf looked hard at the Gripplie before responding

“Do you think it’s important?”

“Well, it is different than my usual dreams, so ya, I think it is, do you think it’s a sign?”

“Do you think it’s a sign?”

“I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking you” Flit said starting to get annoyed

“If you think its important than it probably is, and if you think it’s a sign then it probably is a sign”

“But what do YOU think” Flit asked with some exasperation

“I think it was your dream, and if Prometheus wanted me to look into it, he would have sent it to me… up up” he said the last nodding to an approaching wave, Flit shook his head, as he prepared for the surf, clearly Olaf would not be able to help him too much here.

Somewhere in the Evermoors, Somewhen

“You have no idea where we are” Curtis said as they stomped through what seemed like endless forest, he was tired of looking at Maul-Chaluim’s back. The wild elf said nothing and continued his steady gait. “We don’t know where we are going, we don’t know where we are, and we don’t know if we will ever see anyone again… we’re going to die” he moaned as he slowed his pace again. The elf paused, took a deep breath before turning to face Curtis

“We are not going to die… I know where we are, and how to get back… your job is to figure out where we are going. So quit whining”

“Can’t we stop and rest for the night, we have been walking forever”

“it’s only 10:30, we haven’t even been walking for two hours, now quit complaining, it is a long journey across the Evermoors, and it will go faster in silence” Maul turned and began his march again. Curtis glared at him, unimpressed with his holy quest, couldn’t he have gotten one with less walking in?

23rd of Fireseek, Harry’s Hat Emporium

Aurelia sat on a comfortable couch towards the back of Harry’s Hat Emporium as Harry dealt with a customer before their next date.


The little bell above the door tolled and out of curiosity Aurelia looked up, she saw two hulking figures in black full plate armor enter the shop, she had seen the Black Guard before, she felt the air in the room noticeably cool by several degrees as a shivers ran down her spine. Behind them walked none other than Lord Drumpf. She only had a moment to think, and decided quickly ducking behind a stack of shelves and pulling a hat tower in front of her. She could see the front from her vantage but was well shielded, and watched in horror as a Black Guard grabbed the human whom Harry had been working with and forcefully evicted him from Harry’s Shop. The other Black Guard flipped the open sign to closed and locked the door as Lord Drumpf began wandering deeper into the shop ideally looking at various hats.

“Welcome to Harry’s Hat Emporium Lord Drumpf, How can I be of help to you today, perhaps a new bowler?” Harry said, if he was angry it was well hidden in his temperament.

“One of my minions has performed well, he is an excellent minion, one of the best, really just a terrific guy. So I told him I would get him a gift” Drumpf said picking up an expensive top hat, and then shrugging while tossing it on the floor. Here Harry noticeably frowned.

“I see My Lord, and what type of hat do you suppose this person enjoy most?” Harry said with forced courtesy. Drumpf continued walking through the shop, stopping in front of Aurrellia’s hiding spot and removing a hat before turning towards Harry

“You mistake me Harry,” he said dropping the sun hat on the floor and crushing it under his boot “I don’t want a hat, I am looking for another gift entirely… you see my minion, great guy by the way, he did something really great, really terrific, and there is just one thing he wants… you see his is a bit of a collector, he collects things, gathers them, put them together, he is a big fan of sets, HUGE fan of sets…” Aurrellia’s heart was pounding as the Lord spoke, she could tell that Harry could see her, Drumpf had ruined her hiding spot, but she worried that if she moved she might be heard, she held her breath as the Lord continued. “… loves the sets… anyway, he has half a set right now, and needs the rest to complete it, that’s where you come in Harry” Drumpf walked back across the room crushing the top hat he had previously dropped.

“I’m not sure I follow my Lord, if you don’t want a Hat, I can’t see what kind of set I could be of aid with” Harry replied. Lord Drumpf walked within ten feet before stopping

“I need a girl, a very specific girl, a very important girl, she completes a set for my good minion you see… and I am told that you can deliver her to me.”

“Forgive me my Lord, but I am not in the business of trafficking….”

“Yes Yes Yes,” Drumpf interrupted “I am sure you are all squeaky clean, and don’t commit crimes at all…. I want Aurrellia Ouellette … also known as Claireece” Aurrellia’s heart dropped into her stomach as she watched this unfold.

“Aurora you say? Can’t say I know any Aurora’s My Lord” Harry said after looking confused for a moment.

“Shame” Drumpf said as he shook his head in disappointment. “Hurt Him” before anyone could move one of the Black Guard grabbed the ancient antique desk that served as a customer counter, pulled it from the ground with unfathomable ease and slammed it into Harry smashing several racks along the way. Harry went down pinned to the ground under the weight of the desk and the Black Guard leaning on it. The second Black Guard stepped forward and let loose a kick that would have taken the head off a lesser man, as it was Aurrelia could Harry’s nose was clearly broken, perhaps his jaw as well. The Black Guard who had kicked him reached down and grabbed Harry by his hair and held his head up so he was once again looking at Drumpf. Aurrellia reached to her belt and slowly drew her pistol getting ready to come to his aid, she made eye contact with Harry and saw the most subtle of head shakes, he was warning her back. “I’m disappointed Harry, I thought the customer was always right” Drumpf said as he kicked Harry in the face, this time the salesmen didn’t even wince, a kick from Drumpf was nothing compared to the force that the Black Guard had just unleashed, as if noticing this for the first time, Drumpf spoke to his guards “Break his left foot” with a thundering crack that made Aurrellia feel sick to her stomach Harry screamed out in pain

“ARRRRHHHHHH!!! YOU CAN’T DO THIS, I AM A PROTECTED MAN, PWELL WILL HEAR OF THIS!” Drumpf leaned in to Harry and spit in Harry’s bloody face.

“You think I care about your little protections? Try it, and I will wipe your from existence you, you, you rug in waiting” the Lord let out a flurry of savage kicks to Harry’s face before seeing an iron hat rack, he seized the item and continued to savage the fallen beaten man. “I’m going away on a little trip, some important business, You have until the 9th of Coldeven to deliver the girl to my estate, if she isn’t there when I get back, you and everyone who ever knew you dies, and just to make sure you don’t run of flee town or cause any troubles, my friend here…” he paused while one of the Black Guard delivered a staggering blow across his Harry’s face “will stay with you until the job is done” Lord Drumpf stood up straight and stretched, he took the opportunity to smash a few more cabinets and mirrors before nodding to his men that they were done. The three left the shop, one Black Guard noticeably standing directly outside the front door. Aurellia hurried across the room and helped pulled the heavy desk of Harry, unsure what they were going to do next.

End of Part 2



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