Fly you Fools Fly pt 1

11th of Planting 383 ONT, Faurther Port Harbor, River Promethean, 6:15pm

“Willhym Help me get the Bombard loaded!” Aurellia yelled as the ship rocked forward, she scrambled onto the deck working towards the bow.

Miriel didn’t wait for orders, she stayed behind the ship, flying and pushing to get it as much starting momentum as it could until the oars could outpace her

“THOR & ROBINSON GET ON THE OARS! PRANCER ON DECK READY ON SAILS, MAKE SURE URDEN GETS ON THE SHIP!” Flit yelled as he ran up the stairs and flung himself over the side reaching forBitey’s harness before he hit the water. The crew quickly took their practiced positions. Thalion running the opposite side of the ship as Flitt, matching his stride with Eltherons steady glide he leapt, gracefully grabbing his harness. Eltheron maintain the glide for a few heartbeats giving the knight a moment to strap in before he banked sharply to parallel the shark’s course towards the Roebuck.

“Mr. Ironbraid, I believe the wind will be with us when we cross the eddy and turn that point; have Ms. Caddogen and Mr. Forbes be ready near the bow sails” The Captain said in a voice so calm he could have been ordering tea.

“Aye Captain” The dwarf said, with an ear to ear grin, sure things were worrisome, and they were in trouble, but his captain was at the helm, with a full crew and of sound mind… the enemy didn’t stand a chance. He turned to the railing and hollered the orders down the ship. Adding a few of his own to the end “… And Baker and Maddax… Get below and help Lindy get tha’ cargo secured, we don’t want it rustlin’ about when we turn into current… then to the oars with ya!” the two nodded saluting and rocketed below.

“Ms. Doyle,” The Captain said “If we take fire, it will be on the starboard side from the Roebuck, can you pull some lumber from below and give our deck hands a bit of cover along the starboard rails while they work”

“Right Away Captain!” she said rocketing down the stairs without hesitation

“CABIN BOY!” Thitmed boomed, causing the poor cabin boy to jump from his boots “Get me axe, and the Captain’s bow, then on to helping the powder monkey!” the boy nodded at the first officer, but received a roar for it “I DIDN’T HEAR THAT BOY!” the dwarf thundered. Paolo looked looked white before yelling up


“Tha’s Better” Thitmed nodded

“POWDER!” Aurellia called, Tar-Di looked nervous as she stepped forward, her hands were trembling as she looked about for comfort

“Don’t worry kiddo, I’m still here for a bit, I dare them to try and board us” she heard the grumble from the teddy bear. He sat on top a coil of rope, wooden sword laid across him lap, burning cigar in his hand

“Sparker Ready!” Aurelia called, Tar-di stumbled remembering she was supposed to have a smouldering stick to light the fuse on order… she began to shake, her eyes going back to the bear she sighed in relief as he offered his cigar

“Like I said Kiddo, Don’t worry about it”


“BRACE!” Called the Captain

“BRACE!” Yelled the First Mate, the crew echoed the call several times as members dropped bracing themselves against railings, masts or whatever cover they could find.


Three of the cannons from the Roebuck had missed, but one had connected causing a small fire to explode mid deck

“Mr. Ironbraid, see to it that those fires do not hit my sails” the Captains calm voice intoned, as he adjusted course bringing them further into the shallows. It appeared they would have a few moments before the Roebuck could fire again, as they now had the Magdalen between them.


“AYE SIR!” she returned as she grabbed a bucket and began to call upon assisting magic to extinguish the flames

“PRANCER, YER CREATING DRAG, GET THAT FOOL OF A HUMAN ON BOARD… NOW!” Thitmed yelled as Prancer heaved to help pull Urden up onto the Port side of the ship.


A Silver Streak shot from the Captains Bow to the Magdalyn, killing an officer pointing at the anchor line, the shot was at least four hundred feet if it was an inch.

Lightening CRACKLED into the water from the Roebuck stern deck, as several muskets trumpeted into the air. The Omar Ship was slightly off course but not a full 90 degrees.

“Mr. Ironbraid, get the flags up to recall Mr. Fargazer and Sir Thalion, no sense in them getting killed out there” The Captain said

“Aye Sir” he said to the Captain and turned to the deck “Paolo, get yer ass up the mast, I want the Red Flag on the mizzim line now!”

“AYE SIR” The boy shouted, almost too loud, but Thitmed wouldn’t correct him on it

The oars were hitting their stride now, as the ship swung into the shallows and carved a path maybe thirty feet from the shore, they were making excellent time.


A green beam shot out from the dock they had departed, just winking out of existence before it hit the ship. Knowing what a disintegration ray looked like Thitmed let out a long slow breath.

“Mr. Ironbraid… if we could garner a little more speed from our friends on the oars, I think that would be fortuitous. Perhaps you could go down there and offer some words of encouragement?”

“AYE SIR” Thitmed called as he hopped down from the bridge and scrambled into the oar wells “ALRIGHT YA LIMENY LITTLE TURDS, THIS AIN’T NO PLEASURE CRUISE, PUT YER BACKS INTO IT AND ROW, LEST YA WANT US ALL TO DIE HERE!” he hopped onto a bench beside Ceilia and grabbed the oar “ON ME NOW… ROW!… ROW!…. ROW!…” those on deck felt the ship find new rhythm as it once again increased its speed.

“UURRRRHHHHHHH! Prancer heaved with one last grunt pulled the large Sumo Wrestler over the rail and onto the deck, the two fell over into a tangle with the final exertion. “By the gods, I thought I was gonna lose you for a moment there” Prancer said to the Urden as they tried to regain their feet

“Many thanks Prancer; that is not a swim I would look forward to, no matter how refreshing the water might be on a day like today” The large human said with a smile and small bow. “No, I believe my post is the Bombard if you’ll ex….”


The words just stopped as an amethyst streak slammed into his chest. He looked down, surprised as his hands having moved faster than his mind had moved to block the bolt and yet had caught nothing, he swooned a little

“Urden? URDEN!” Prancer yelled scrambling to his feet as the large monk leaned and toppled over the rail, spinning in the air until slamming back first into the water. “MAN OVERBOARD! MAN OVERBOARD!” Prancer shouted a touch of panic slipping into his voice. He touched a rope that leapt to his command and ran with it along the deck chasing after his friend as the ship continued to glide forward.

“ARCHERS ON THE SHORE! ARCHERS ON THE SHORE! Fire at the Archers!” The Captain called turning the ship back towards the deeper water and getting some distance from the Sons of Treefall who were firing from the treeline.

“PRANCER GET DOWN!” Baker called coming up from below decks and tackling the young prince as three arrows narrowly missed him.

BOOM, The Bombard fired

BANG, BANG, Willhym and Aurelia fired. Mandy seeing the new situation carried her boards towards the bombard giving them a little more cover from the archers. Tar-Di huddled on the deck.

“GET OFF ME! We Need to Get Urden!” Prancer shouted at Baker, Trying to stand, but Craw’s grip was stronger and he pulled Prancer back down as two more arrows missed him, one dislodging his hat and pinning it to the stair hatch.

“Not until they find a new target you frackhead” Baker grunted pinning the one armed swashbuckler below the rail line

Miriel swooped around the port side of the Champions Boot coming in low to scoop up the fallen Monk


She had the monk and was flying towards the ship, but three amethyst streaks had slammed into her chest


Another hit her, causing her form to shrink substantially… whether skill or will power her shaky wings just barely got them onto the deck. The moment her feet hit the wooden planks she dove forward making her profile flat as no less then sixteen arrows shot over her head


Several trees exploded as the bombard zeroed in on a cluster of elven archers

BANG BANG BANG, Willhym and Aurelia laid down consistent fire, as Baker grabbed a musket from a nearby case and Maddox began loading a crossbow

“POWDER!” Baker called. Tar-Di looked at her little powder horn, then over to Mr. Fluffy, the bear gave her a steely nod

“Ya got a job to do kiddo, best be getting it done” he said. She swallowed hard and took off crawling across the deck as fast as she could over to where Baker, Prancer and Maddox were huddled, tears pouring from her eyes. She arrived and shakily passed the powder horn to Baker. He nodded to her

“Good Girl… good girl” he said loading his musket quickly… “why are you crying?” he asked offering her a horrendous grin. She sniffled as she pointed at the elven archers firing on them

“They’re trying to kill us” she said. He nodded taking a confident tone

“You have nothing to fear little girl, they are elves… they are known for loving all forms of life… if you want to kill something, you need a human” the last words were deadly serious as he sat up taking aim with his musket and squeezing off a shot


An elf on the shore fell forward into the water. He turned and winked at her

“POWDER!” a call came back from the front of the ship… Baker reloaded his musket and sent her on her way

“Don’t be long in coming back, I got a few more to put in the ground over here!” he called after her. Meanwhile Prancer had crawled over to Miriel. Commanding the ropes he and Miriel began to drag Udren back to the stairwell. As they worked their way down Maddox and Baker layout out extra fire.

“Hatrutt! I need bandages” Prancer called, as he a rope flicked out clearing the mess hall table and he and Miriel strained to lay Urden on the table. Belinda came running from the cargo hold as Hatrutt crawled through the window with a bundle of towels.

“Oh Gods… Urden” the pregnant Halfling said as she climbed the table and expertly cut away Urdens Shirt. She put her ear to his chest and listened hard


A cannon ball shot through the side planking and smashed into the bench spilling the table and everyone around it.

“GODS BE DAMNED” Prancer said as he sheltered Urden from the still falling debris

“Everyone all right?” Hatrutt asked


“I am needed on deck” Miriel said as she resummoned her hulked out form adn launched herself up the stairwell. Belinda crawled back over to Urden and listened once more

“I Don’t hear a heartbeat” she said. Prancer, wadded up a bandage to cover the still bleeding hole. Don’t give up yet, Aurellia can heal, I’ll go get her. He said turned and scrambled onto the deck as the blasts from the Roebuck continued to fire

“POWDER!” Baker hollered again as he loaded a crossbow while waiting and took another shot at the elves. Maddox and he had come to agreement, the Goblin covering him with his shield and Baker firing back, it lead to more elves dying which was a cause both could get behind.

“ROW!… ROW!… ROW!…” Thitmed boomed as the ship continued to rocket towards the main current

To Be Continued



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