Fly you Fools Fly pt 2

11th of Planting 383 ONT, Faurther Port Harbor, River Promethean, 6:19pm


A trebuchet from shore launched something that came arcing through the air. The Captain kept a steady eye on it as he nudged the helm to port, causing the massive haul to splash into the water twenty feet starboard of the ship. He looked across the harbour doing the mental calculations. The Magdalen was free now and its war wizard was blasting wind into its sail trying to lurch the ship forward and after The Champions Boot. The Roebuck had turned away from them opting to try and enter the current first upriver and use their new momentum to cut them off. The Captain wasn’t sure they were wrong in that maneuver, either way it was going to be very close.

“If you haven’t already, arm yourselves” The Captain called to the crew banging a small bell beside the helm.

Flitt and Bitey were making all haste back to the Champions Boot when he saw the splash. A large grey boulder just missed the ship and sank before him. The shark adjusted course without issue, but both were shocked when two hands reached out grabbing Bitey and slamming him into the ground, dislodging Flitt from his back. That was no boulder, Flitt realised in horror as he ripped his scimitar from its sheath and took a swing, he belatedly recalled the downside to his weapon as the blade passed harmlessly through the damaged Clay Golem. The Golem reached its massive hands towards the Gripply surely spelling the frog’s unfortunate end; when Bitey came up behind the hulking enemy, biting and thrashing the one who dared attack his food bringer. Flitt had barely begun a sigh when he saw one large Golem hand grab the shark by the gills as the other began to punch poor Bitey over and over again, pummeling the poor shark. Summoning his courage he said the ancient war cry of his god

“Not cool Bro, Not cool” and leapt to the defense of Bitey, swapping to his other scimitar and unloading a fury of assaults.

Ser Thalion circled overhead, with his view of the harbor he could see that Flitt was in trouble below

“What do you think Eltheron? Can we dive that deep?” he asked the eagle, trying to gauge the depth himself. Seven to fifteen feet… that was a stretch for even Eltheron, especially considering the weight they would be trying to grab “Remember, we just want to fling it fifty or sixty feet behind the ship, it will be too slow in the water to catch us once we are in the current. The eagle ruffled its feathers, but offered no comment, merely circling to gain altitude and align its run. The knight loosened his straps… he would jump off in the water, saving a few hundred pounds of weight for the eagle so he could better complete the maneuver. Eltheron could circle back for him once he had dumped his payload. The eagle twisted and began its dive

BOOF! BOOF! Thalion looked to the left and in horror wrenched on the reigns pulling his friend out of the dive just in time as two large Stingers fired from the Magdalen, a massive barbed net stretched between. The eagle beat its massive wings and it twisted, just missing the upper corner of the net. Thalion pet his friend in appreciation, that had been no small feat of flying, as the eagle realigned for another approached he took the opportunity to fire two shots from his bow, focusing on the stinger crews on the bow of the Magdalen to slow their second attempt. His eyes scanned the harbor and he signed, signaling with his knees to wheel left and cancel the approach. Two Griffins were launching from the Roebuck deck and turning towards them. Thalion holstered his bow, shrugging his shield into place and drawing his spear. His eagle wheeled again allowing the Griffin riders the honour of equal altitude. He hefted his spear signalling a challenge and nodded as the two hefted their lances in return. A Joust it would be then.


Three arrows with wood biting arrows sunk into the port side of the Champion Boot. Long slender ropes connected them to trees along the shore.

“CUT THOSE ROPES!” The Captain called, his calm beginning to give way. Baker stepped forward firing his musket before fixing the bayonet to it. He took two steps towards a rope when a flash of silver slammed into his left shoulder, sending him sprawling onto the floor as he shouted in pain. Maddox jumped forward leaning over the rail and swinging his short sword hacking at the rope. Two elves on each rope ran their lengths quickly approaching the ship. Maddox hacked again severing his rope as the first elf on it leapt at him, sword drawn for a killing blow

CLANG, the sword was rebuffed off Paprikka’s and the elf fell backwards into the waters below.

“Get the ropes, I will cover you” Rikka said as she squared off with another two of Son of Treefall and their blades began to dance in earnest. Prancer arrived on deck, seeing what was going on. With a lash of his rope he touched one of the attached lines causing it to disentangle from its biting head and fall into the water below. His Rapier drawn he met with one of the elves and began a deadly dance, rapidly trying to remember everything that Captain had talked about during his lessons on elvish swordplay. Tar-Di crawled over to Baker, not sure what to do with the bleeding man’s chest and shoulder. Her eyes were wide with horror

“Cut the rope girl, don’t let anymore of ‘em get on the ship” he said pulling the bayonet from his musket and handing to her. She nodded hurrying forward and reaching over the side of the ship. Even as she did she could see two elves on the line hurrying towards the ship. Then the light melodic tone froze her blood

“I take no pleasure in extinguishing such a young flame, may your death bring you peace” she looked up to see an elven swordsmen thrusting forward to skewer her. The blade never connected, instead she heard a soft Tap, of steel on wood. Mr. Fluffy winked at her

“I told ya not to worry kiddo, now you get yer job done, and let me do mine” The gruff bear said with only a note of playfulness. He turned to the elf, his body shifting from stuffed to real bristling fur, his sword becoming steel as real claws wrapped around hits hilt. “You dare attack a chosen of the Brackish Emperor?” The elves eyes widened looking horrified as he realized what stood before him. “There is no afterlife that will hide you from his watery wrath”, the bear said walking forward and batting a nervous thrust out of the way from the elf “your end is now” he growled and flung himself at the enemy caring nothing about his own safety and focusing instead on scoring as many maiming and injuring hits as he could on the one who would dare attack his charge. Tar-Di hated seeing Mr. Fluffy like this, she much preferred his stuffed appearance and quickly turned back cutting away the line and sending the two elves into the harbour below.

A Flash blared as Rikka sword ignited in brilliantly white light searing away the armor of one of her enemies, they had tried to split up to cause more chaos but she had diligently managed to keep them both engaged, neither would split away so long as she drew breath.

ROOOOOARRRRRRR …. A massive shark was flung tail first out of the water and slammed into the side of the ship causing it to rock violently and snapping one of the starboard oars.

Barrels, ropes, beams and sails scattered across the deck. Prancer deflected a blow as he looked over to see Beleen crouched and crying beside a now capsized crate.

“Beleen, get the deck clear! Beleen!” he shouted, but if she could hear him she showed no signs.

BOOM the bombard fired again

HARAACCCCCKKKKKKKK the wounded keel of a flying creature cut through the air.

ZAAAAAP a shot of lightening shot from the deck of the Magdalen scorching the side of the Boot’s haul. The thick smell of ozone filled the air.

“Ready the sails Mr. Forbes!” The Captain called as they painstakingly approached the eddy line. Prancer tried to duel faster, looking at the sails and the elvish swordsmen in front of him. The elven sword whirled and spun but then came to an abrupt halt as it collided with a silver rapier

“I got this one Harry, go sort them sails” Trenton said as he stepped between Prancer and the elven mercenary. Sword balanced lightly in his right hand, bottle held neatly in the left. Prancer nodded lashing out his rope arm to pull him up onto the mast.

Flitt stared in horror, the water foggy from his and Bitey’s blood. Nothing could stop this creature… it just kept coming and coming. The Golem had a large rock and looked like he was planning on squishing Flit into river slime. The Gripply saw no exit… Bitey was either dazed, dead or run off… the swashbuckler couldn’t blame him… this was not a fight they were equipped to win. Two hands wrapped around his waist

“I am heroically saving you” the mirthless voice of Miriel said as she scooped him up, Flitt had no arguments forthcoming

“My Hero” he said as he launched herself upwards and took flight from the water leaving the Clay Golem behind in her wake.

“Urden requires healing… you will heal him” The strix said as she landed on the deck of the ship putting the gripply down. Another Amathyst shot slammed into the heart of her edilion and she staggered under the weight of the blow, moving for cover from the onslaught. Flitt paused a half heartbeat to assure she was ok, she nodded to the unspoken question and he tumbled around the bend dodging several arrows as he skidded into the stairwell and down the stairs hoping to offer some healing to Urden, and anyone else who may need it.



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