Goddess Unclothed

21st Readying – Aleau’s Temple in High Port

She came to them clad in a gown of diaphanous starlight, wind teasing her hair and eyes smouldering of the night sky. Her hair fell to the small of her back, its ebony strands sparkling as if all the starry universe were contained within; slowly she moved, pulling that hair in caresses over her skin and theirs, slowly, so achingly slow.

To each of the supplicants of Aleau, the Goddess of the Night Wind surrendered to pleasure, paying homage to the Lady of Water with every sigh, every moan; all were given the utmost reverence. So hot was her mouth on their skin that they pleaded for relief, begged for release, and she gave it to them. Wisps of air licked in the wake of her tongue, teasing and playing until their bodies could stand the pleasure no more, and they cried out, spent. Tears fell unabashedly and at their exclamations of adoration she simply smiled before starting all over – they would get the absolution they paid for, and by a Goddess no less.

As for Rispa, while the second in command had bought the remainder of the night to make a discreet request to the Goddess herself, Miriel was at the temple as a promise; as such she treated her to no less than the others. Miriel led the dashing pirate to bed and demonstrated just why it was such a shame that not much was known of the Strix; their mating rituals were quite extensive, designed to bring every inch of pleasure out of their partners. Strix are warriors, after all, and their culture recognized the need to heal the soul from the violence of Life in a myriad of ways.

“Divine One,” Rispa said, gasping for breath in between cries of pleasure; it was close to dawn and there’d been no stop in the homage to Aleau, so Rispa’s voice was hoarse and well-used.

Miriel raised her head so she could gaze at Rispa’s face. With her teeth biting her bottom lip and hands tied to the bed with a lash made of pure wind, the pirate looked quite fetching. “Yes, supplicant?”

“Will you…will you come visit me at Pirates Swoop, if you should find yourself there?”

“You’ve promised me a church, my sweet girl. That kind of promise gives the gods all manner of reasons to keep a very close, personal, eye on the one who made it…I know that most intimately,” Miriel said, giving Rispa a playful lick before staring beyond the pirate to one of the many lit candles in the room.

The flame on not one but all of the candles flared violently in unsubtle reminder, and Miriel could feel the seething anger behind it, bringing out a shocked gasp from Rispa. Inclining her head slightly at the fire Miriel commanded the night wind to blow all of the candles out in one fell swoop. Darkness enveloped them both before the wind blew the balcony doors wide open, illuminating the room with the moon’s soft light.

Miriel rose on all fours and crawled up the naked body below her, giving the pirate a lingering kiss while causing the whip of wind to curl itself around Rispa’s body in its most sensitive places. “Do not worry, my sweet girl; we give ourselves to the Lady of Water and her pleasure. There’s no room for Fire here – we carry it between us already – and the Night has not yet gotten its due.”

Rispa whimpered.


Date could be wrong, was going off my extremely bad memory!! I’ll fix it once I have confirmation, but it’s when we’re working our debt off at Aleau’s…

Goddess Unclothed

Date will due just fine

Great Post!

Goddess Unclothed

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