Letter of Interest

The Letter Arrived by porter, and was brought to the Ship at 6:15pm on the 19th of Floodtime

Dear Mr. Fargazer

It occurs to me, that you might be a forgiving type. The type of person that understands that a man can make mistakes and that if he has forgiveness in his heart… or at least really really regrets what he did, and maybe had a decent reason, not that there is ever a decent reason for it, but you know some considerations do bare considerin. I guess what I am sayin is that I am in a bit of trouble, and just when I heard you were in port, and I am hoping that you might well consider coming and talking to me. The issue I am having is a bit of a time sensitive one, and I know you’re a busy man in all, being a fellow member of the cloth and all, and someone who is on the road to knowledge wisdom and discovery, but I can pretty much guarantee that if you at least come and talk to me, well that would be something, I suppose… anyway this little piece of paper doesn’t have much room and the fellow in the tan shirt seems to be getting all wound up over this, so here is the skinny. I am at the 9th guard house and being held in lock up three… I am allowed to have visitors, but due to my very special set of circumstances I would need to meet with you before 7:15am. I am not a beggin man, just a practical one… so I hope we can share a chat and sort something out.



DAN let me know if you want to meet with him and I will email you the details



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