Little Trouble Pt 2

21st of Floodtime 383 ONT, 2:43pm, the village of Glenrummy, Glenrummy Gorge, 27k south of Lockland Keep

Thaden of Rootwallow walked into the Smithy and stood before Theodore Reedrunner. The Hedgie Smith was calling to his son Morgan to leave the coal and only bring a barrel of the enriched dust that he used.

“How fares Master Reedrunner?” Thaden said making his presence known. The man stiffened a little and bowed his head in respect

“Guard Mouse” he said formally, before breaking into his worries “I don’t know that we can go… this forge has been in our family for eight generations, each generation making new tools for new needs… There isn’t room to take all my tools, or even my anvil… how will I be able to rebuild? How can I leave all this to be destroyed or stolen?” the Hedgie was too proud to weep, but Thaden could see he was not far from the prospect.

“Take the ten tools you use most often… and I will make room for the anvil… somehow, have your son bury the rest, if fate or chance bring me back this way I will endeavour to retrieve the heirlooms for you when I can” the Hedige’s eyes lifted as he looked at the Guard Mouse

“You would do that for us?” he asked

“There is no greater honour than to serve, I cannot promise it will be done, but I can promise that if it is within my means, I will make every effort to do so” Thaden replied solemnly.

“Thank you Guard Mouse, you are a testament to your people” the Smith said, and Thaden offered a slight humble nod

“Hurry Master Reedrunner, our time grows short, and now you have much digging to do as well… Aury and I will come move your anvil into the wagon when you are ready, please prepare the rest of your things. And remember, I know not how long this journey will be, or how far, bring food and supplies for the road, and clothing for the winter months, do not only pack your livelihood, you also pack for the lives of your family”

“Yes Guard Mouse” the Smith said bowing once more as Thaden left and headed for the next home, to aid them in their packing.

He walked over to the Millers home, and watched the industrious Ms. Elmtail packing bags for her family, he nodded to her and passed through the apartments to the Mill, where the Chipious was standing looking at the great mill stone and scratching his head.

“We cannot take it, I’m sorry” Thaden said

“Guard Mouse” the Chipious bowed with a start, he had not heard Thaden approach. “It took us three generations to get this built…”

“You will rebuild in much less time, I have companions who are better able to accomplish these tasks… go to your family… help them pack your things, bring only the tools you need and can carry, leave the rest” the Chipious bowed his head mournfully but nodded

“yes Guard Mouse”



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