Of Titanic Proportions....

Once again, magic fails to account for lifestyle...

Twice the height… Eight times heavier.. Flitt was still coming to terms with his new height, which all in all was fine being that he was still one of the shortest ones on a ship built for humans and elves, but the weight just didn’t balance out well.

He had experiences being enlarged before through magical means, and while you gained the same weight then, the situation you were usually in didn’t leave much time for thought. Flitt had noticed it only after they were out of danger and back on the ship. Only having the one outfit (that had thankfully changed size with him and had started out as a baggy pair of pants and lose shirt under his armor), was now closer akin to tights thanks to the added weight. He had visited a tailor to get some new clothing made to wear before sailing south, but the amount of cloth needed now was almost embarrassing.

4’2" tall, but now over 250 pounds, and he honestly couldn’t say it was all muscle despite the lifestyle of the average Promethean swashbuckler. It was time to find a way to train away the massive multiplied fat he had developed along with the Titans blessing, the only question was how was he going to accomplish that while on a sea voyage. they would be sailing too fast to swim for long periods, and it felt like there was even less room on the deck now that he took more space up. Not to mention the almost upsetting groaning the rigging was now making when he clambered up it.

Maybe Bronwyn would know of someone in port that would be willing to take a journey to the south and provide a specialized exercise regime, but where would they find someone who would understand training a Grippli..



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