Poloticing, Elven Style

22nd of Reaping 383 ONT, Sun Citadel of Arados, Highport, Elven Court 4:23pm

Erindale, Arch Magus of the Tower of High Sorcery, and Hero of Argyle walked the halls of the Sun Citadel of Arados. His red and yellow robes flapped in the gentle breeze of a Reaping afternoon as he mentally stretched his mind and began to float up three stories and stepped into a higher corridor. The large marble columns and ancient mosaics sparkled in the afternoon light as Erindale spotted his quarry.

“Admiral Fadithas, a word if you will” he called. The Admiral turned and gave him a steely look. The fellow was born with a paddle shaft instead of a spine, the way he stood, his hair was mostly grey and close cropped. He had heavy pale blue eyes and a face like stone that had seen far more sun and weather than any civilised elf should. He wore his jerkin of blue and golden applets, the admiral would never be seen out of uniform, and his cutlass hung at his belt in perfect polish.

“Master Erindale, my time grows short today perhaps…”

“Won’t take but a moment Admiral” Erindale said cutting him off and hurrying to close the distance between them. He knew the man was too well disciplined to roll his eyes, but knew as well that he likely was mentally doing just that. “I will walk with you, assuming you are heading from your afternoon briefing back to the dockyards?” the Admiral appeared vexed that the Sorcerer knew his schedule so well, but merely nodded and the two began their journey

“What is it I can do for you Arch Margus? It is not oft you consult with your peers in the military” Erindale knew it was a test and ignored the bait… peers in the military; that was rich, he had few peers on Argyle, and none were in elven military.

“I have need of a ship, a loyal one to carry out an important mission of state for the Tower of Sorcery” the Admiral stopped in his tracks, eyes wide

“You know the state of affairs well Erindale, I do not just have ships waiting in harbor to be called upon at the whims of Wizards… I barely have enough ships to patrol the Court, let alone sending a vessel away… what is this mission? Why do you need a ship?”

“Admiral, Admiral” Erindale said placatingly “Believe it or not, I have read your reports, no matter how dry they may be, and am aware of our current situation, I come not only with requests but with solutions to our problems” the Admiral held the Wizards gaze for a moment before he nodded and began walking once more, taking this as a signal to continue the Wizard continued with his plan reaching into his satchel and pulling out a scroll “This, is a ship that has just been registered with High Port as its home port, I have been over the paperwork myself and have assured its legitimacy, it is a fine schooner known humbly as the Champions Fist” The Admiral took the scroll slowing his pace while he opened it and skimmed the documents, Erindale continued “It is Captained and partially owned by one Thalion Alfirin, Knight of Quenya, as you can see he has a good military background” Erindale finished passing another scroll to the Admiral

“I see,” The Admiral mused glancing over the documentation “But it says here he was an Eagle Knight, not a Grey Corsair…” The Admiral trailed off as he continued to read the elven file

“Details Admiral, Details, you can arrange a transfer, you have done it before, I’d like him to command my mission, I would like him brought in at the rank of Ductor at least but would prefer Navarchus”

“Narvarchus?” The Admiral looked up annoyed, he held the rank of Warden, and served only twenty years, that is a big jump”

“He already Captain’s a ship, he has extensive experience with mercenary companies and nautical trade, has recent experience doing your job, by freeing elven slaves and dodging six different human vessels and as you can see, he also apprenticed under Captain Folas Cailana, read the file Admiral, he is perfect” Erindale said briskly pointing to several different lines in the file, while continuing a rapid pace of walking”

“So you wish me to call in a retired knight, conscript his ship, and transfer him to an entirely different wing of the military and promote him four ranks… all because you need a ship?”

“Precisely” Erindale said, a fire in his gaze

“and how exactly does Sir Thalion feel about this? Not everyone wants to be called into duty”

“How you choose to break the news to him is up to you Admiral, I wouldn’t dream of meddling in the affairs of the Grey Corsairs” Erindale said, sarcasm dripping from his tongue

“Of course, my mistake” The Admiral said annoyance rising in his tone

“Have it done for me by the end of the week Admiral, and I will assure to show up to small council and cast my vote in favour of new cannons for the Luvon Joynore this spring, I’ll even enchant one personally” to this the Admiral stopped and took a second appraising look at the files before him.

“So be it Arch Magus, I bid you good day and long walks upon this land”

“Peaceful afternoons to you Admiral”



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