Posiden aint got nothing on this PT 2

12th of Ready’reat Champions Boot, Eastern Ocean, 42 miles off the St. Elmo’s Shoal

“Get everyone up, if we’re gonna drown, ya might as well be awake and see it coming!” Thitmed shouted over the pelting rain and booming thunder. Thalion could only nod as the dwarf continued to holler as he wrestled with the helm “it’s gonna get bad Thalion, real bad” his face showed genuine concern, there was not boasting to be seen. They had been trying to outrun a storm for the past three hours, with less and less success, unfortunately as they had heading out around the shoal the found another storm coming in, they would be slammed between the two systems and it would be worse than anything Thalion had ever seen. “Cut yer bird free, if he wants to make a go fer shore, it’s about 42 miles ta port.” Thallion could see the concern there and nodded, the dwarf, past the sombre moment pushed on “I need Jonathan re-lashed, thar aint enough rope for the whole crew to be on safety lines, and they’d get tangled right quick as ya worked, put them all together and lash up the frog, he on watch and rescue. Anything that can be stowed, cleaned or cleared get it done, Get Hatrutt workin the pumps to… it’s gonna be messy down below… and last thing” he looked Thallion in the eyes to bestow the depth of seriousness “I gonna need Leslie and the Captain up here just to keep us pointing into the waves, Keep tha crew safe down thar, and listen fer the orders” things had never been formal on the boot, but Thallion felt the weight then and there and instinctively straightened giving the first mate a proper salute

“AYE AYE SIR” he said as he turned briskly and headed down from the bridge. When he arrived at the deck port to head below he was stopped as Master Kenko climbed us assumedly cursing in Wing Ti. The Ship Wizard stopped to see the clouds around them and the storm coming in


“Talib meet our souls with grace” he said quietly. The wizard threw back his shoulders with purpose and headed to the bow where he began casting. A knot began to build in Thallions Stomach, if the wizard was working it meant it was very serious. He sighed almost knocking over Aurellia as he again tried to head below.

“What’s going on? She asked climbing onto the deck and huddling in her coat from the storm”

“Things are getting bad, I need the crew on deck, right away please” Thallion replied “Get them wearing warm clothes and… “

“BOSUN!” Thitmed was shouting down from the bridge “THA CAPTAIN NEEDS MANDY… NOW!” Thallion waved acknowledgement, get Mandy for the Captain while you’re at it, I will meet the rest mid ship once I am done with Eltheron”

“AYE Bosun” Aurelia said



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