Rescue by Numbers pt 3

It had been a long afternoon. With Randel guiding the wheel and Leslie pulling the cart the two had managed to move most the oil down towards the docks. Redistribute the food hoarded in the larder to the various families in Harbinger and put aside all the longer lasting foods to be processed should they decide on a voyage or not. Leslie had not spoken much throughout the afternoon, though is cursing had decreased substantially since Randel had offered aid. The solider felt he may have earned enough trust to ask, now that the core work was done for the day.

“Uh… Leslie?” he started, getting the large sailors attention. “I was wondering if… now that the work is done…”

“Don’t be so skiddish… we ain’t as heartless as your Count, we’ll feed ya” the Sailor had said. Using a rag to clean off his hands and taking a long pull of water from his wineskin

“Well… thank you… but no, it wasn’t that… I had a request if at all possible” Randel saw the sailors face turning towards a frown but pushed forward anyway “I’d like your permission to go and… well… I would like to… I want to bury my friends” he spat it out at last. The brows furrowed on the sailor

“Your friends… you mean those fellows you shot at us when we rolled into town? The ones who helped Count Assanal take over in the first place… those Drokking Peckers?”

“Yes, well… sort of… they didn’t know why you were coming, and many of them were good men, just doing their jobs… they were my friends, some of them just collecting money to support families… I would do it myself… I can’t really get into that much trouble with a shovel can I? and I’d do it on my own time, it wouldn’t take away from any of the work that you would need me to do…. please” Randel gave him his best innocent look, until he started speaking he hadn’t realized how much he cared

“All right, you want to play in the dirt… fine,” he reached into the cart and tossed Randel an old shovel. “I see you anywhere but with those bodies or in the graveyard and I will kill ya, we clear?”

“We’re clear sir… thank you” Randel said. Leslie just snorted with derision

“Sun’s setting, get to it Digger”



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