Songs of the Sea

7th of Ready’reat, the Eastern Sea, Champions Boot, 1:03am

Thallion stepped up onto the deck and relieved Prancer from his watch. His report had been the same, all was quiet. The night was clear and starry but very cold. Thallion was thankful he had put on his extra warm clothes, he nodded to Prancer and did his first rotation checking the bow and mid ship first before heading up onto the bridge. As he approached he heard a tune dance across the breeze and smiled, it appeared that the Captain was manning the tiller tonight. The music was soft, but joyful Thallion stopped to listen hearing the melody exclaim the beauty of the water and the journey ahead.

“Na ’Aear, na ’Aear! Mýl ’lain nallol,
I sûl ribiel a i falf ’loss reviol.
Na annûn hae, ias Anor dannol.
Cair vith, cair vith, lastal hain canel,
Lamath in-gwaithen i gwennin no nin?
Gwannathon, gwannathon taur i onnant nin;
an midui orath vín a dennin inath vín.
Trevedithon ’aear land erui ciriel.
Falvath enainn bo Mathedfalas dannol,
Lamath vilui vi Tol Gwannen cannen,
Vi Tol Ereb, ned Bar-in-Edhil i Edain ú-gennir,
Ias lais ú-dhannar: dôr en-gwaith nín an-uir!”

As the refrain began once more Thallion continued his journey and climbed up onto the deck. As he approached the Captain finished his song

“Ilvanya,” the Captain greeted informally “the stars bless us with a clear path” Thallion nodded to the Captain as he approached. He looked back to the west and noted he could no longer see the shore the look of nervousness must have shown on his face for the Captain spoke to it. “The current is better out here, and the stars hold our course, come here please Ilvanya” Thallion did as he was bade joining the Captain at the helm. “The Champions Boot in an elven ship, and she often craves an elven touch.” He let go of the helm and allowed the knight to take it “Feel her, feel the pull of the current, the breeze in your sails the give and take of her timbers as she glides forward. You are a part of her and she of you, and she will always find her way… see that star there?” he asked holding up his hand in an odd position, Thallion mimicked his motion and nodded “That is the great Star Quenya, she shines the way in the northern lands, on tonight’s course Quenya stands at odds with Nimrodel” he pointed to a star just above his pinky finger “Nimrodel is a passionate star, and so we must keep at least a hand span between them at all times, this will hold our course, and we will have kept the peace among the stars for another night” Thallion made the hand motion again to practice, allowing the captain to correct him until he was sure he had it right. Then the Captain stepped back, leaving Thallion on the helm as he walked over to the port side of the bridge and looked out to the sea. “The other races do not understand their gift, to be so short lived, to live in ignorance… it will be a lonely time soon. I suppose all must eventually grow up. The young races will no longer have the elves to parent them… they will need to learn self-control, let us hope that the final lessons we teach are truly worthy of us, and let us hope that they are listening” A long silence held while he looked across the dark sea. “You need practice Young Ilvanya, I will take the watch, you keep the peace between Quenya and Nimrodel” with that the Captain climbed down from the bridge and left Thallion alone with his thoughts.



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