Starwall Aftermath

4th of Planting, 383 ONT, Just Outside Selwyn’s Chapple , Starwall Keep, Cainia, 3:13pm

“Well, I must say I am surprised, it appears that your slobbering hoard is indeed useful Mr. Rothhand” General Jubal Forester in a conversational tone as he assessed the nearly unrecognizable Starwall Keep. The gnoll War Chief of Mailks Mauraders glowered at the General but said nothing. General Forester sniffed the air “OOoo, what are you boys cooking?” the said

“Humans” the Gnoll growled, but if he had hoped to unsettle the General he was sorely disappointed

“well, yer boys must know how to do it right. Smells an awful lot like chicken… My Daddy had a terrible fondness for chicken, developed his own special recipe, with eleven different herbs and spices, I say, I say it was fine eating for sure”

“Did your ‘Daddy’ enjoy war as much as chicken?” the gnoll snarled in curiosity

“Well, he was a Colonel for a time, but I can’t say his heart was in it, poor Ol’ Daddy was a simpler man, but I digress and I suppose we still have business to attend. I have a team heading through the remains here to see if there is anything our employers are wanting. Once their done, you and your boys can have anything that’s left. Collect your due, then have your boys wipe this stain from the beautiful land, I say, I say I want no two bricks left a touching if you catch my meaning.

“Yeesssss General” the Gnoll slobbered “Buttssss we have one problem… we have tries to desecrate the chapel here, but none of my men can hurts it” General Forester turned to appraise the small chapel his hand scratching his beard

“Magically protected you say? Well isn’t that a horse of a different colour?… Well I would recommend trying fire, it has always been a favorite of mine, but if that doesn’t work, have your giants bury in such a manner that it wont be easily found, I don’t need this to become a rallying point later for any misguided renegades… hmmm… a magic chapel indeed” Forester said as he walked off inspecting the rest of what was once Starwall Keep



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