Stirings Pt. 5

Yoloday the 5th of Sunnsebb 381 ONT, 2:12pm Macey’s Buns & Bakery, 3rd spoke – 6th circuit, Don-Ton

Cassidy Stout hurried up the stair of the bakery into the resistances safe house. He heart lit up when she saw Gavroche, sitting there eating bread and olive oil. She stopped a moment to smooth her frizzy red hair and wipe her hands on her dirty dress. Before approaching the Gnome.

“Hello Gavorche…” she said as she approached. He looked up and gave her a half smile

“Hi Cassidy, what news from the docks?” the gnome said to the Halfling girl, as always getting straight to business. She was sad a moment, the gnome lived only for the resistance and had no time to be friendly with her, no matter how much her heart might yearn for him.

“All is well, the union has quietly agreed and is stowing supplies to barricade the streets and keep anyone from getting to the ships. They have even identified a couple galleys they may be able to take, that would give us cannon support. Now they merely wait for a sign” Gavoroche smiled at her and patted her on the shoulder causing her heart to beat a thousand times per minute

“That is great news Cas! Covafac will be glad to hear it… well done” she smiled at him happy that she had made him happy; it was then though that the gnome continued. “Cas… we’re friends… right?” he asked tentatively

“Of course” she said a little to eagerly

“I wanted to ask a favour… but as a friend… if it is too much then please just say so…” he said, seeming unsure of the ground he was on

“Anything Gavroche, name it and I would be happy to do it” she said smiling ear to ear. Her smile was infectious and soon he was grinning with her.

“Thanks Cas, this really means a lot to me…” he reached into his coat and pulled out a letter “you see Cas… I meant this girl, and she is the most beautiful women I have ever seen and she’s perfect and we’re in love and…” he kept talking but Cassidy could not hear him, the resounding sound of her heart breaking was all that hit her ears. She held the same grin plastered to her face as Gavroche told her about how perfect this other women was and how her dreams were never going to be. She shook her head realizing he had stopped talking.

“Ya?” she offered hoping to cover for not listening… the gnomes smile grew even bigger

“Excellent, thanks again Cas… now just take this note to the inner circuit, I have the address marked and make sure Fantine gets it… she needs to know how I truly feel” with a robotically dead arm the little Halfling took the note from the gnome, she bobbed her head and auto pilot gave her the appropriate words to say as she left the bakery in a daze. Her feet began to take her to the inner circuits as tears welled in her eyes. She was delivering her own death certificate; for what was life without Gavroche



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