The Battle of the Burn Pt. 1

28th of Patchwall, 381 ONT, Amberdale, Kenzrenad, 7:41am, The Battle of the Burn

“Anamachara’s icy wrath will protect you, Hansel’s wisdom will guide you, Aleau is charming and kind, following her wake, you can always look up to Prometheus for guidance and love. This is how we know the Brackish Emperor loves us, because his children care for us so… this is how we know the Brackish Emperor loves us, because his children case for us so…” Mandy Doyle found herself repeating the words of the nursery prayer over and over, it had been taught to her during her time in the orphanage and now was like a mantra. The dust cloud from the exploding building masked all but Mr. Subaru and she could hear little aside from the screams of horses and men and the steady shots of muskets. Mandy repeated the prayer one more time before she managed to work up the courage to go… she knew she couldn’t stay where she was, but she did not want to leave.

Off like a rocket she ran into the thick smoke and dust tripping and scrambling as she tried to see through the grey haze. She stopped seeing a large man with a sword, the man turned to swing at her but Oscar chain slammed into him first and the two struggled and were lost in the cloud. She kept running feeling more than seeing a horse run past. The sounds of muskets went off again and she felt the ground shudder knowing she had nearly been hit. And then it was clear and she could see again as she came careening out of the dust cloud. Ahead of her beside the town alter stood Ser Thalion and Mr. Fargazer. Her little legs didn’t stop as she ran towards them. She felt a little better seeing two of her crewmen alive, well and where they were supposed to be. She was halfway to them when a horse raced past her, its rider hefted a spear and impaled Mr. Fargazer pinning him to the ground. She stopped the horror in front of her sutting down her legs. Her crewmates mouth gasped for air and blood burbled from it. He moaned in pain as he weakly began to slump against the weight of the spear. The horsemen wheel for a second pass.

“MANDY GET OUT OF THERE!” a voice snapped her out of it, she looked around seeing Aurelia had called and was climbing down a rope from the Lonely Blossom Saloon. She saw Ser Thalion raise her shield to meet the foe and shook her head and began to run once more, her little legs propelling her towards the old Town Hall and the perch on top where the Captain was. She could hear hooves thunder, muskets and crossbows fire but she didn’t look back… no matter what happened she knew in her heart of hearts that poor Mr. Fargazer was dead. She made it to the town hall and entered the burnt out husk of a building. Finding the rope ladder where she’d left it. Quickly she scrambled up the ladder to the tower on the third floor and pulled it up behind her.

“Captain… they killed MR. Fargazer!” she cried… she didn’t want it to sound like the squeak and sob that it did but she couldn’t help it. The Captain seemed to pay her no heed as he continued to reach for arrows and shoot out through the dust cloud and into the fray. She looked back down into the street ahead and saw Ser Thalion dispatch the horsemen. The from behind a building she saw Mr. Suberu riding away to the north. Her heart broke as she saw her proud friend flee from combat. She could not blame him, the odds seemed hopeless but somehow she had not thought that any members of her crewmates would be the ones to flee. She watched as the Captain turned and noted Mr. Subaru’s retreat, the captain fired off three arrows, striking down enemy horsemen who were moving to intercept the Fire Nation rider. She nodded, it was good that at least one of them would live to tell the tale.

“Imperious Faex” the Captian swore (Oh Shit) and in a blinding motion he turned to Mandy dropping his bow and taking her by the shoulders he whispered some words to her “mea est prudentia tua” she felt the power of ancient elvish magic leave his body and race into hers, she felt strong and agile where she had not before. (my skill is yours). Mandy looked up, she could hear and odd screeching noise and now saw the first red streak smash into the general store, causing it to explode in flames and debris. She quickly looked up and saw one of those red streaks coming right for their position. She looked at the Captain who smiled at her and gave her the smallest of grins “Fly little Jack, Fly” with that he hefted her up and threw her off the side of the building just as the red screecher slammed into the wall beside the Captain.



Mandy was soaring through the air, it was amazing, had the Captain somehow given her the power of flight? She opened her arms to gain altitude…. It was not working, the ground began to race towards her, she was most certainly falling. She felt the heat lash out from behind her and felt debris fling past her at every angle. She tensed and closed her eyes awaiting the imminent impact of the ground below

to be continued



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