The Fall of Starwall Keep

4th of Planting, 383 ONT, Holy Chapel of Selwyn, Starwall Keep, Cainia 1:23am

“They have broken through the outer wall sir; the keep is under direct siege. Goblins, Ogres and Gnolls for the most part sir, but we believe they have a hill giant as well” the guardsmen said to his lord. Baron Rueben Forbes looked up at him from his kneeling position and took the guardsmen’s hand.

“What is your name solider?” he asked, his voice light

“Edward sir,” the man asked, confused as to what was happening

“Sit with me Edward, join us in prayer” he ushered to the many families huddled in the room around him. Edward dusted off his knees and joined his Baron before the alter of Selwyn “They have the power of necromancy on their side…” he said to the group assembled “I am afraid I have failed you all…. I cannot protect you from this onslaught, I cannot save your lives… but now the stakes have grown, and I battle for your very souls” He took a few breaths allowing his words to sink in “I am not a priest, I regret that now, for I can now see that the lady of divinity had tried to steer me on a course that could have saved us, I ask hers and your forgiveness.” He stood and turned to the alter his voice rich in timber as he spoke solemnly “Dearest mother, my redeemer, I wish to confess my mistakes. I deserted you, I passed judgment where it wasn’t my right to do so. Liberate me of my darkness, relieve me of my demons. Show me mercy so I may feel the warmth of your light once more.” The words said a small gleam of silver light arose on the alter and he turned towards those assembled. “She has not abandoned us as I did her. Any who make amends for their transgressions and die on these holy grounds will be protected from the curse of necromancy, your soul will be safe here.” He turned to Edward “Gather all that are left, bring them here with what weapons we can muster, here in her hall we shall make our last stand, and make them pay for every inch they take. Blessed be our Lady in White, may her vengeance rain down upon our enemies”

Edward gathered those remaining as they fled into the chapel, pulling food stores and weapons with them. The doors were bared as the snarls of the beasts outside grew loud. Reuban looked at his people and did all that was left, he put down his sword and picked up his fiddle and began to play

Please Listen While Reading

The enemy hammered at the walls of the chapel, but those inside heard none of it. His fingers danced along the ancient hymn to the holy goddess. And as the beasts struck harder and banged louder so to did his fury and tempo increase. A blinding series of notes flew from his fiddle extending the illusion of peace for every precious second, he could. At long last the door began to splinter. The people of Starwall took up arms around their Baron as he continued to play. They watched as the blood oak door slowly, grain by grain, splinter by splinter gave way to the waiting monstrous hoard outside. Whether by luck, divine providence or some other alignment of the stars the door held until the last note was played, and as if on cue, the doors burst forth. A waiting group of savages standing, muzzles frothing with excitement and fury. Rueben Forbes, 5th son of Caleb Forbes and Baron of Starwall Keep caste aside his fiddle and drew forth his rapier as he spoke his final words

“My Lady has set the floor and played the music, it would be rude not to dance” with that the hoard rushed forth and battle was joined

So Passed Rueben Maurice Forbes, Baron of Starwall, Prince of Cainia



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