Tummy Time Again

Curtis’s eyes blurred, he felt as though he were lifted, high into the sky and far above the Evermoors, then he shot south at an alarming speed, flying over great land masses, past the City States and Penny Kingdoms. To the South and West shooting past the continent and out into the ocean. There he entered the great mists and still he flew, the forever of the flight took only seconds as he emerged from the mists to see a cluster of 5 islands. Each with tall cliffs and spires, lush trees, tall flowing waterfalls.

He heard a voice and knew it to be his Goddess, “Find my home, and you shall find me”

Light a band stretched too far, Curtis felt himself shot back through the mists, over the ocean, across Argyle and found himself in-front of the Chevron once more. He looked at the great Chevron and nodded

“I will my Goddess, I will.



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