When we Arrive Pt 1

Please Listen While Reading

The thirty-three or so former citizens of Glenrummy sat in the little room on the Champions Fist in a crude circle. Some sat up on the bed, but most were perched on the floor. Thaden, Aury Cat and Icarus stood in the middle of the circle address in the crowd.

“Good People of Glenrummy, we have traveled far, and our journey approaches its end, soon you will be safe, free and prepared to start a new life where you can grow and live without fear” the Guard Mouse said solemnly to the assembled crowd. “Once you are established in Lyithalus Icarus, Aury and I will be departing…” he paused to the gasps and outcries of

“You can’t leave us” or

“Who will protect us?” and

“won’t you think of the children?” or

“but you’re our leader”

To all of these Thaden put up calming hands, Aury could tell he was influencing them with the weave, to calm their concerns and have them listen to him

“My friends, and I now consider each of you as a friend, I have led you, and protected you, but I am not your leader, and I can’t be your protector… you will be safe on Lyithalus, there are elves, and Lycanthropes there that will know of you and will aid in your safety, but more importantly, you have trained and worked, part of freedom is knowing that you are able.” He paused for a moment letting his words soak in. “The work of the Guard is never done, and the road Aury and my Clavan cousin walk is one that I would not wish for any of you. Stay here in safety and allow the spirit of Ashla to guide you to peace and prosperity” he paused again, slowly turning off the spigot of the weave to allow them to absorb the meaning uninfluenced before continuing on “You have concerns, and one of you will need to step forward, one as a leader to communicate with the BIGS, and to assure that until the town is established and Alder Council can be set in place, they will make the decisions to assure your longevity. It is written well in the chronicles of the Guard, that a Guard Mouse cannot interfere with selecting rulers of any kind; this I must abide these rules, and so I leave it in the hands of Icarus, to oversee a fair election of your new leader. However it is decided, it will be decided within the next two days to assure Aury, Icarus and I have enough time to impart key information to your new leader.” He turned to Icarus “I leave this in your hands Cousin” he said clasping the Clava on the shoulder. With that he turned to Aury and nodded his head towards the door for them to take their leave. The two left into the hallway and as they did Aury could feel an intense sadness radiate from him

“What is wrong Thaden? They will be taken care of on Lyithalus, I am sure” she said nuzzling him with her head, he stroked behind her ears and gave her a big hug

“I will miss them… Goodbyes may be hard, but they are the life of a Guard Mouse… and something tells me deep inside, some glimpse of the weave perhaps, that once we leave the elven realm… I will never see them again” he hugged the kitten who could do little more then snuggle him and try to let him know, that no matter what, he would not be alone.



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