Chef Christina Tosi

An Elven Chef from High Port


Her True Name is Christarniatha Tosithniey Wildrunner, a former Wild Elf who had moved to High Port Just before the great war broke out. She quickly found her name to be too difficult for most humans to handle, and so is often called Christina Tosi. She is an excellent Chef based out of High Port, sadly her master dissipated and was one of the last elven master chefs, and so she has not earned that title and will not claim is less it comes from the elven lands.

she is said to be very beautiful but cold and impersonal, she likes the hum and buzz of her kitchen but has little use for idle conversation in the dinning areas, she is known to be a fan of pipe weed and a greater fan of strong elven spirits, but that has never stopped her flurry of activity in the kitchen. her political opinions or the oddness of a Wild Elf living and working in High Port are not subjects easily broached with her


Chef Christina Tosi

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