George Wyson (CF) (Dead)

Trainer, Nutritionist, and Assistant Chef


5’3", lithe but strong, George is the image of lean physical health, and hes not afraid to tell you how you could look as good with a little more effort…

Gold blond hair, green eyes and a nicely trimmed beard, he has handsome down to an art which makes it easier for people to listen to him lecture without getting offended.


Born in Chistols point, George was exposed to a varied upbringing, wandering from temple to temple, but never really listening to what was said, just who was doing the talking. He picked up over time that (Mordokka worshipers aside) people really REALLY listened when you looked great. Armed with this belief he began his education in the Panoptic Laboratory with a focus to study the faster developing races(mostly Goblin, Kobold and Orc to start) to see what effect their lifestyle, diet and activity had on their development.

The education board eventually rejected his thesis as being of little educational merit (George contends that there were racial objections to his focus groups) and he left school and tried to publish his studies independently. Unfortunately, publishing a book without the backing of either a church or the Panoptic Laboratory is an expensive deed, so he now works as a nutritionist and trainer where he can to collect funds towards that goal. Though his aim is to raise the capital he needs, he has been known to take lesser paying jobs in order to study new and interesting races to further prepare his ultimate manuscript.

George Wyson (CF) (Dead)

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