What lies between Part 2

Dear Sir Horace,

I want to be perfectly clear: The Lady Alyss did not tell me anything about what was going to happen to me. She asked if I wanted to have the courage of a hero while I was trapped in the fear effects of the largest and most frightening dragon I have ever seen. At first, I was still in control, you and I could speak to each other, and my situation, though strange, did not seem so dire. I agreed to give up more and more control, as my friends were dying all around me. How could I not? The people on this ship have become my family, what would it say about me if I were not willing to sacrifice to save them?

I watched as your corpse became mine. I watched as this new version of my body, the one that carried the playful nature of the wind, the one that my wife fell in love with, the one that survived unspeakable horrors and refused to die, be burned at sea because the Lady Alyss insisted it must. Now I have no body to return to. This body, that you and I inhabit, was mine, and somehow it has become yours and I am to understand that it can never be mine again?

The Lady Alyss won’t even speak to me when I transform into myself at the full moon. She will not open her door to comfort me, she pretends I do not exist. I know that you love her above all others, but she did this to me and now she won’t even acknowledge that I ever existed. Because no one else that has suffered this fate has ever been able to remain, it has been easier for her to pretend they never were.

I am not saying that she is evil, but what I am saying is that her love for you has clouded her judgement in these matters, and she needs to understand the gravity of what she has done.

I want my body back. I miss feeling the wind on my skin. I want to find a way that we both can survive, but I do not want to be a stuffed bear, I want to be Aurellia. My victories may seem minor to you, but Aurellia always gave everything she had, she never held back if there were innocent lives at stake. She was a survivor, the very fact that I am still holding on is proof of that. I am begging you to help me bring her back. She did not deserve to have her story end so abruptly.

At your Mercy,

Aurellia Oulette

Post Script – I will do what I can to honor you, please do the same for me. I have no desire to touch your body, but when I am myself, I will do as I please.



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