When I am Up pt 1

34th of Goodmonth 383ONT, Champions Fist, Voyage Home from Lunar Mission 11:14am, Mess Hall

Cassidy looked conspiratorially at his companions, it was a good plan, one well and truly worth the risks at a time like that this. Most of the rigors and sailors had worked their way down to the mess, and a few had happened to find a barrel full of delicious tasting purple. It was a sticky sweet drink; that carried the kick of an ale with the sweetness of a pie. Cassidy was truly proud of it, seeing none of the officers who might be inclined to ask too many questions he nodded to Nathan, who produced his lute fiddle and hit the first couple chords. Oslow sitting at a nearby table, produced his little drum and hit an opening beat. A few of the crew laughed and clapped as Cassidy cleared his throat


“I am the fountain of affection…” he sang out as hoots and hollers reared among the crew, most of them recognizing the old shanty. He belted out the first verse… none to shabby if he did say so himself; but that wasn’t the point. He saw the Bosun come down the steps just as the crew joined in the chorus, he could not have timed it better if he’d tried… quickly he sidled through the crowd to get over to Ku-Aya before they crew finished. When the chorus was done the room fell silent and Cassidy nudged the officer with his elbow. He looked sheepish and embarrassed but seeing the crew staring at him he could not help it

“His Exhalation, a sweet disintegration…” Ku-Aya sang out and the crew roared in approval, already Douglas and Callwen were dancing, Hugh and Josiah were sitting at a table banging their cups to the music while most the crew ringed the impromptu dance floor allowing each a turn to show off their skills while they sung along with the band. Seeing the Bosun entrenched in his duties as lead singer he turned towards the stairs, just in time to spot the next potential buzz kill, none other than the First Mate. Cassidy had studied his opponents hard, he was ready for every eventuality and reached into his pockets and caught the First Mate before he made it down the stairs.

“Aye Flit, How’s yer Toppers this morning?” Cassidy opened up as he blocked his passage

“Well enough Cassidy, I heard music, thought I’d join in the fun”

“Aye, a wollper they be at indeed… but before that I was hoping you’d join me in a Holy Prayer to the great big fellow of…. Bigliness” Cassidy said, producing three thickly rolled cigarettes from his pocket. He saw the First Mate eye them carefully weighing if he should or not

“Come on, yer not steering the ship right now, Cap said to live a little… and yo can consider it part of reformin a genuine bonafide sinner type” Cassidy added with a wink. Flit gave it

“Alright… let’s head up to the bow deck where we can still hear the music through the mess vents”

“Aye Aye Sir” Cassidy said smiling that phase two of his master plan had come to be.



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